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Plasterboard anchors

Plasterboard anchors


The Freeman plasterboard dowel with metal anti-rotation device (RDS) is used for the assembly of light objects on single- or double-plastered plasterboard / gypsum fiber boards and / or in a reduced cavity. It is ideally suited for fixing lamps, shelves, mirrors, light shelves or bathroom cabinets, towel holders and much more, in privately owned or public buildings, old and nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, etc. Ideally in damp areas, such as bathrooms and toilets.

The Freeman anti-rotation device (RDS) ensures the secure unscrewing of the screw. The dowel remains firmly anchored. A renewed screwing-in of the screw is therefore possible.

The Freeman gypsum plasterboard RDS is ideally suited for use in damp areas, non-corrosive.

UNIQUE: The screw anchor of the anchor is also suitable for metric screws Ø M 4. No tool required. Assembly with standard screwdriver or bit PZD 2.

Product features:
Material: Zinc die-casting (Zamak Z410) Non-rusting!
Fits the following screws:

- Wood & Chipboard screws Ø 4 - 4.5 mm
- Metric screws Ø M 4

Gypsum board 12.5 mm: tensile load = 10 kg / 25 mm: tensile load = 20 kg
Plasterboard 10 mm: tensile load = 15 kg
Made in Germany







Plasterboard anchorsPlasterboard anchorsPlasterboard anchorsPlasterboard anchorsPlasterboard anchorsPlasterboard anchorsPlasterboard anchors

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