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SST Hexagon head screws with flange

SST Hexagon head screws with flange

DIN 6921

Flange bolts have hexagonal heads, designed to be driven by a wrench. The unique characteristic of Flange Bolts is the design of the head, from which they get their name. The "flange" of the bolt is a built in (integral) washer. In Metrical sizes, this washer is serrated to act as a lock washer.

As a material, 18-8 Stainless steel offers resistance to weather and other harsh environments. This finish makes the hex cap screw a corrosion resistant fastener in environments similar to fresh water applications. Please note that we recommend 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners for salt water applications.

Flange bolts are available in both full thread and partial thread varieties. The threading depends upon the lengths of the bolt. Partially threaded flange bolts have a shoulder, and fully threaded flange bolts are threaded to the underside of the flanged head. 

We can deliver both A2 and A4 quality

SST Hexagon head screws with flangeSST Hexagon head screws with flangeSST Hexagon head screws with flangeSST Hexagon head screws with flange

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