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SST Self-locking Hexagon Nuts, high

SST Self-locking Hexagon Nuts, high

DIN 982

A lock nut , high type,used for fastening to a bolt when mechanically joining materials together. The nylon material located at the top of the nut prevent loosening from vibration or back off. The insert deforms elastically over the threads of the screw, but threads are not cut into the nylon. The nylon insert locks the nut in two ways. First, it forces the bottom face of the screw threads against the top face of the nut threads, increasing the friction between the two. Second, the nylon applies a compression force against the screw itself. 

This model is higher then the most common used type DIN 985.

We stock them in A2 and A4

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SST Self-locking Hexagon Nuts, highSST Self-locking Hexagon Nuts, high

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